3. Costs and Benefits

Our knowledge, experience and service has a value, as does yours in whatever vocation you have followed.

Our first appointment is at a Nominal Charge (refundable if you become a client) and is, No Commitment based. In this meeting, we will review your financial circumstances and goals and provide a quote to produce a Financial Plan. By the end of the appointment, we will both know whether we are suited to work with one another, and you will clearly know the costs and benefits. Please see the FSG for further information.

We have designed our business to be low in cost. By keeping our expenses down, we find that our service decisions are less pressured by high running costs and more focused on providing quality service.

The last thing we ever want you to feel is any pressure regarding your financial advice. The Plan will clearly state how we can both walk away if the service and/or relationship is not satisfactory.