7. Recommended Professionals

Over time, we come across certain people who we have found to be professional in their particular field. Below is a list of different professionals that you may wish to use.

To be upfront as always, we want to stress that the only reason these people are on our website is because they are professional and trusted by us, and further advise that in the normal course of business and industry practice, we may receive financial remuneration if you do use their services and hope that if you choose to do so, you save in time and effort, and are satisfied.

(Any referrals are made in good faith, and McCormick fs accepts no liability whatsoever for any services provided by them.)

Company: Jenny Bull and Company  
Contact: Jenny Bull  
Phone: 02 9360 2793  
Email: jbull_co@netdata.com.au

Company: Xaxius  
Contact: Brad Smith  
Email bsmith@xaxius.com  
Website www.xaxius.com